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When purchasing a new security surveillance system, it’s important to understand the differences between and capabilities of the different technologies that are available on the market today. While some people are content with using their old Analog cameras and DVRs, the transition from standard definition to high definition continues to evolve. Advances in technology from some of the industry leaders have made it possible to use the same standard coaxial cable to carry High Definition video which makes it possible for the average residential or commercial user to enjoy crisp, clear, HD video in their home or office!

The two most common formats capable of using coaxial cable today are HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) and HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). While there are other technologies, including AHD (Analog High Definition), these two offer the highest resolution and the most choices due to their acceptance and compatibility within their own technology (TVI is compatible with TVI only and CVI with CVI only). Cameras using HDTVI can provide up to 5MP while HDCVI can provide up to 4MP and higher resolutions are not far behind. There is also an advantage with transmission distance since transmission over a standard RG59 cable allows for HDCVI at 1080p/2MP to go up to 400m/1312ft and HDTVI at 500m/1640ft for the same resolution.

Just as we’ve seen with the technology of computers, the size of the components that make up a camera has been reduced, thereby making the size of the cameras smaller. This has enabled manufacturers to put more options into the cameras which makes them more practical and efficient. Some of the features included with many of our cameras include IR (Infrared night vision), audio, variable zoom lenses, motorized zoom lenses, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Startlight™ Technology, and many other features that help you make your choices truly yours. Thanks to IR, you can see in low-light and total darkness so criminals literally have nowhere to hide and that’s just one of the benefits of a security camera. Imagine watching TV at night and being able to check on your security system remotely from your cell phone and even having the ability to use the motorized zoom function right at your fingertips.

If you’re slow in making changes, there’s no need to worry. We carry a variety of cameras capable of working with multiple technologies. Maybe you’re not completely ready to move from Analog to HDCVI or HDTVI and that’s fine since many of our cameras can be easily switched from Analog to HDCVI to HDTVI and even AHD. We also have DVRs available that are capable of recognizing the camera technology and automatically recording that.

Please check out our selection of available security surveillance equipment and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email!

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