RED|LINE Network Recorders


  1. If you wish to upgrade a model for which we provided 2 versions of firmware, you’ll first need to know the current firmware version on your device.
    • If your version is lower than the older one among the two we list (i.e. NR32P8 version < 4.1.xx), upgrade to the old version first before continue upgrading to the newer version (i.e. old NR32P8 version -> 4.1.xx -> 4.30.005).
    • If your version is only lower than the newer version we provide (i.e. 4.1.xx < NR32P8 version < 4.30.005), you can download and upgrade to it directly.
  2. Some of the firmware may share the same version number, but they’re not necessarily the same. Please pay attention and make sure you download the correct one for your device.

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Product Model Type Compatible Models Firmware Version
NR33s NR33P8-8, NR33P6-16 and NR330-16 V4.75.0000 new!
NR52s NR52P6-16, NR52P6-32, NR52P24-32 and NR520-32 V4.61.400 new!
NR32 NR32P8-8, NR32P6-16, NR320-16 V4.71.005 new!
NR32P4-4B NR32P4-4B, NR32P4-4Q V4.30.005 new!
NR32P4-4C NR32P4-4C V4.72.100 new!
NR51 NR51P6-16, NR51P6-32, NR51P24-32, NR510-32 V4.61.000 new!
NR71 NR710-32, NR710-64 V4.61.000 new!
NRA NRA10-32, NRA10-64, NRA10-64/I16 V4.61.000 new!
NR128&256CH NRT10-128/I16, NRT10-256/I16, NRT10-256/I24 V4.40.506
NR31 NR310-8 V3.4.96
DS-76XXNI-E2 DS-7608NI-E2 V3.4.96
DS-7716NI DS-7716NI-I4/16P V4.60.005