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Features and Functions

Face Detection and Analysis
 Powerful face pictures library management
 Face pictures comparison and alarm linkage actions
 Search by picture supported
 More precise face recognition and analytics based on deep learning algorithm

Full channel recording at up to 12 MP resolution
 Up to 6 TB capacity for each HDD supported
 HDD hot swap with RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6 and RAID10 storage scheme configurable
 16-ch synchronous playback at 1080p resolution

VCA & POS Function
 Supports multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) events
 Smart search for the selected area in the video; and smart playback to improve the playback efficiency
 Supports VCA search for fire/ship/temperature/temperature difference detection triggered video files
 POS information overlay on live view and playback
 POS triggered recording and alarm



INRA10-32/4F DeepinMind Series NVR